Is this service right for me?

Am I at risk of violent behaviors?

  • I sometimes feel like people deem “violent” actions or behaviors that I consider normal.
  • I sometimes experience a state of anger similar to that I have seen in my mother or father when they were violent.
  • I realize some people avoid me or act differently when I’m present, and that some people I love are afraid of me.
  • I generally believe that others are the ones responsible for my mood swings.
  • When I feel attacked, I can become dangerous.
  • I cannot trust my partner when I am in a relationship.
  • I often feel jealous.
  • The idea of a break-up is unbearable to me.
  • I sometimes think about ways to get revenge from people who wronged me.
  • When I am frustrated, stressed, or tired, I tend to take that on others.
  • I often act impulsively.
  • I feel like conflicts never get solved, and that productive communication is impossible.
  • When I drink or use drugs, I tend to be argumentative.

By reducing the risks associated with violence:

  • I would have a better opinion of myself.
  • I would be more at peace with others.
  • I could maybe avoid a break-up.
  • I could resolve my conflicts in a respectful way.
  • I would be a better model for my kids.
  • I would experience less anger, impatience, and rage.
  • I would feel less guilty.
  • I would feel safer.
  • I would be less isolated.
  • I could have a “normal” relationship and the interactions with my partner (or ex-partner) would be more harmonious.
  • I would avoid the risk of legal consequences, or being afraid of those legal consequences.
  • I would be less dependant.

We offer services to any adult, male, female, or other, using acts of violence in a domestic setting. The violence can be physical, psychological, or financial. It may or may not have results in criminal charges. The only condition to be treated here is to recognize the violence of your action and wanting to work on preventing them. The areas we cover are Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Beauharnois-Salaberry, and le Haut-Saint-Laurent.