How does it work?

First contact

Appelle Via l'anse pour de l'aide

The first step, even if you are not sure if you need help or not, is to reach out to us. You can do that in two ways:

  • By calling us: 450-370-3200
  • By coming to our office in Valleyfield (between 9AM and 12PM and between 1:30PM and 4PM, Monday to Friday)

You can then get information about our services and schedule an appointment to discuss the problems you are facing. No need for a reference, document, payment; only bring yourself and your story.

Intake sessions

Intake sessions are done in person with one of our counselors. The goal of the intake process is to evaluate the participant’s needs and refer them to the most appropriate program or organization.

During intake, the specific current situation of the participant is explored in a non-judgmental, respectful, way. We also explore how the situation is connected to violence, as well as discussing the participant struggles, motivation to change, and personal objectives.

Commence ton traitement pour ta violence conjugale

Group sessions

Groups typically last 2.5 hours, and occur every week. They are lead by two counselors. Each session includes a workshop, followed by a talk where each participant is invited to share their experience and discuss the situation from the previous week the most at risk to lead to violence. The maximum number of participant is 8 per group.

Via l’anse offers men groups and women groups.

Individual counselling

Individual counselling is offered to participants who do not satisfy all the criteria to get into groups but still present domestic violence problems and a desire to get help.

Intensive individual counselling

If a crisis situation is revealed during the intake process, or if the participant presents signs of danger for themselves or others, an Intensive individual counselling can be offered in order to help them put protection measures into place for their situations.