Our team

Our team

The team of Via l’anse is composed of counsellors, male and female, specialized in domestic violence.

The team is supported by our coordinator, Mario Trépanier, and receives regular clinical supervision. Continuous training, improvement of practices and research are at the core of our goals as a team.

Our approach

The approach in Via l’anse is based on the identification of the multiple causes of the violence issue, and on the analysis of its different dimensions: sociocultural (social role inequalities, conservative gender roles, cultural aspects legitimizing violence), family and interaction (transgenerational transmission, high tolerance for violence, dependence, conflicts, communication), individual (thoughts, emotions, strategies, psychological factors) and time-related (cycle and repetition, context, stages of change).

Similarly, our interventions reflect an array of methods designed to help with those different factors, through the various dimensions observed and taking into account the unique experience of each individual.